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As specialists in custom home remodeling and construction in Dallas, TX, we value our clients, the integrity of their design, and the quality of the finished product. Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance at RJA Construction LLC. Our Team is experienced, knowledgeable, and takes pride in the attention to detail that you expect and deserve.


Custom Design

We at RJA Construction have excellent working relationships with several top Dallas architecture firms and we work with only the best subcontractors. You can trust our proven relationships with quality experts, each capable of producing to our high-quality requirements.


Your Trusted Partner in Construction and Home Remodeling Contractors, Dallas, TX


Your dream home awaits. We work with our clients to bring one-of-a-kind character to their existing homes and expand living spaces while maintaining the integrity of the home’s unique architecture. We source stunning finishes like Terrazzo floors, walnut cabinetry, and Quartzite Aqua countertops that complete your vision with style. Whether you want a quiet home office, a gourmet kitchen, or an in-law suite, we tailor solutions to fit you. With our commitment to excellence and passion for craftsmanship, we’ll help you transform your space.

Our expertise spans a vast spectrum, from down-to-stud renovation to new home construction. Recognized as Best of Design 2024 for Modern Luxury Dallas, our highly reputable team is dedicated to delivering a seamless client experience.

Our Work Showcase

All-in-One Remodeling and Custom Home Construction Services

From Experienced, Professional Project Managers

Kitchen Renovations

Custom architectural features.

Upgrading kitchen appliances, countertops, cabinets, & fixtures.

Creating open-concept layouts.

Installing new flooring & backsplashes.

Bathroom Remodeling

New fixtures, tiles, & vanities.

Adding or updating shower & bathtub features.

Improving ventilation & lighting.

Room Additions

Home Extensions: Adding new rooms or expanding existing spaces.

Dividing & converting existing spaces for different purposes.

Creating built-in shelving & other features.

Finishes & Fixtures

New paint, molding, baseboards, & wall coverings.

Installing new flooring.

Window & door additions & replacement.

Hardware & cabinetry upgrades.

Exterior Renovations

Adding & upgrading outdoor living spaces including decks, patios, porches, pools & spas, artificial turf, & pet yards.

Roofing & siding replacement.

Other Upgrades

Electrical & plumbing updates.

Smart home integration.

Accessibility modifications.

Energy-efficient upgrades.

Historical preservation.

Aging in Place

Custom Home Construction

Partnering with top Dallas architects for a seamless design to construction process.

Construction of new, custom-built homes tailored to your specifications.

Code Compliance & Permits

Handling the necessary permits & ensuring that construction projects comply with local building codes & regulations, giving you peace of mind.